About Natural Collagen


It takes part in the functioning of almost all systems, organs and tissue. The body loses with age its ability to regenerate collagen. Disturbances in the creation of collagen arise also if the skin is intensively destroyed, with continuous overburdening (physical activity, professional sports) and in autoaggressive diseases (degeneracy of joints). The disturbances in the collagen metabolism manifest themselves not only in dysfunctions within the motor system (stiffness, around-joint aches) but also in those tissue and organs, for which collagen and related substances fulfil strategic functions.


With a collagen deficiency there appear senile changes in the body: wrinkles, chromatosis, cellulite, skin dryness, dull nails and hair, and the shrinking of the body. Disturbances in the immunological system are the most hazardous to health because collagen fulfils a very important immune function: it controls the ingress and the dissemination of pathogen bodies: environmental toxins, micro-organisms and tumour cells. All these afflictions can be prevented or their appearance can be delayed by supplementing collagen. 

Collagen, elastin and keratin are support skin proteins that provide the skin with appropriate tension, moisturizing, springiness, elasticity and firmness.


 Collagen from COLLAGENIS is a wonderful cosmetic allowing women around the world to forget about the skin problems that they must contend with every day as they look after their face and body. Natural Collagen  captures the incredible power of unique NATURAL NATIVE COLLAGEN! in the form of a triple helix structure found nowhere else. This is not another product with cheap and largely ineffective hydrolysed proteins, or another mixture that has the word ‘collagen’ in its name rather than the product.


We are the only one to offer a product to contain the most important protein for the human body – collagen in it's native form, identical to that naturally occurring in the body. The activity of a pure preparation of native collagen proteins is immeasurably wider and stronger than the more commonly available substitutes, such as hydrolysates with their slim potency. Collagen provides your skin with everything what it needs - ‘live’ collagen.